The Role of Youth and Young Adults in ''Overseeing State Assets''

The Role of Youth and Young Adults in ''Overseeing State Assets''

Tuesday 12 December 2017
02:00 PM - 04:30 PM
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@america Pacific Place
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Join us for a screening of the winners of the ''Overseeing State Assets'' film festival followed by a discussion on the importance of state asset oversight and the role of youth and young adults in that process.

Film synopsis:


Directed by M. Ginanjar, run time 13:11 mins

As the 2017 winner of the best fiction film in the “Pitching Forum” category, Gossip focuses on a village head’s manipulation of funds from a local cooperative, and a brave woman’s struggle for justice. Frustrated by an unresponsive police force, the film’s protagonist takes matters into her own hands, using gossip to raise awareness about the village chief’s wrongdoing and to gather support from her neighbors to confront the chief.


Gedung Kebudayaan (Cultural Building)

Directed by Idris Pasaribu, run time 23:00 mins

Awarded the winner of the 2017 Pitching Forum documentary category, Idris Pasaribu’s Gedung Kebudayaan focuses on Medan’s abandoned cultural center, and the desire of local residents, including the artistic community, to restore it.


Ir. Soemarno

Directed by Nailu Alfin Rohmatullah, run time 12:44 mins

Soemarno, a man from Padukuhan Silirejo, is entrusted by his village head with the honor of reading out the Proclamation of Independence as part of Independence Day celebrations. The village head wants the day’s events to be full of patriotism, prompting Sumarno to rethink the true meaning of “independence” as the celebrations draw near. Ir. Soemarno was selected as the 2017 winner in the student fiction category.


Beras Bosok Kanggo Rakyat (Rotten Rice for the People)

Directed by Firman Fajar Wiguna , run time 10:44 mins

Winner of the 2017 student documentary category, Beras Bosok Kanggo Rakyat exposes the unseen side of the government’s rice distribution program (Beras Sejahtera/Rastra).