Shaping The Way We Teach English Session 1

Shaping The Way We Teach English Session 1

Saturday 01 September 2012
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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@america Pacific Place
Jakarta, Indonesia
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@america ENGLISH LANGUAGE SERIES: is a series of English Language courses with a specially designed curriculum by the U.S. Embassy Regional English Language Office (RELO) in Jakarta. The series is aimed at a variety of English language users as well as educators.


When it is technically possible, the course will be broadcasted via Adobe CoNex to participating American Corners and other American presences nationwide.


Utilizing the latest learning tools that are available from the RELO office, participants will learn new and exciting methods of teaching English. The courses will be 14 weeks long.

Anyone is welcome to attend any of the sessions that interest them.  Please note that there is no certificate awarded nor will attendees receive any materials.  If you’d like to download your own materials for use during class, you may do so at:


This is the link that will give you access to all materials used in all fourteen (14) weeks that you may download and print off for your own use. 

Shaping the way we teach English is a fully facilitated English language course aimed at English teachers and educators. The course is made up of 14 modules in a video format with supporting manual and additional resources. It uses a constructivist, inquiry-based approach, giving viewers opportunities to adapt materials to their local context. The course aims to build an academic or “pedagogical” foundation in language teaching and to improve language teaching classroom practices.



Classes begin on Saturday, September 1, 2012 and run for the following 14 Saturdays.  All classes are the same time: 10:30am – 12:30pm.


Approaches to Language Teaching: Foundations:

Week 1            Module 1: Contextualizing Language

Week 2            Module 2: Building Language Awareness

Week 3            Module 3: Integrating Skills

Week 4            Module 4: Pairwork / Groupwork

Week 5            Module 5: Learner Feedback


Approaches to Language Teaching Extension:

Week 6            Module 6: Managing Large Classes

Week 7            Module 7: Learning Strategies

Week 8            Module 8: Authentic Materials

Week 9            Module 9: Critical & Creative Thinking

Week 10          Module 10: Alternative Assessment


Focus on the Learner:

Week 11          Module 11: Individual Learner Differences

Week 12          Module 12: Younger Learners (K-5)


Teacher Development:

Week 13          Module 13: Peer Observations

Week 14          Module 14: Reflective Teaching


The course will invite participants to think outside the box and creatively “shape the way they teach English” as they experiment with ways they can adapt suggestions or techniques they learn from this course to their own educational settings.