School Visit Request

Ready for your school to visit @america?

Complete the form below to submit a request to take part in our schools@america programs. These programs are open to, senior high schools, classes one, two, and three and junior high schools, class three only.

Interested university groups are also invited to submit a visit request by completing the form below. Programs for university groups will be tailored to students' areas of study and interest and will be offered on a limited, case-by-case basis.

We offer two types of schools@america programs:

     *    Express Yourself: Following a tour of @america’s facilities and engaging presentations by @america’s e-guides, students take part in a fun and interactive quiz about the United States, for a chance to win exclusive @america memorabilia. Students then have a chance to express themselves on the @america stage! We welcome music and dance performances, prepared speeches, and other opportunities for students to improve their confidence in front of a crowd and express themselves in English.
     *    Mission Speaker Program: This program begins with a facilities tour and e-guide presentations and continues with a special presentation by a representative of the Speaker Program from the U.S. Embassy, Jakarta. Students will gain a unique perspective on the United States and have the chance to interact with an American diplomat!


Contact Information

Once we have received your school visit request, we will place you on our schools@america program waiting list. Please note that we receive dozens of requests each month, and it may take up to three months to schedule your visit. We will contact you, once the date of your visit has been confirmed and to inform you which schools@america program we can offer on that date.