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On-Screen Music Festival: Stronger Together!
On-Screen Music Festival: Stronger Together!
On-Screen Music Festival: Stronger Together!

Connecting Cultures through Music

What can music teach us about each other?  Check out some great Indonesian music with us and get a chance to talk with American and Indonesian musicians who have used their music to connect our two countries.

Rani Jambak - Soundscape/Electronic Beat, North Sumatra
Rotary Motion - Experimental Pop, West Kalimantan
Lair Musik - Tarling Soul, West Java

Live Talkshow:
Jen Shyu, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Dancer, Guggenheim Fellow and Fulbright Scholar 2011-2013 researching music and dance in Indonesia
Rayhan Sudrajat, Composer, Onebeat Alumni 2017, Master’s Research Student in Ethnomusicology at Monash University, Australia
Tedi En, Composer, Onebeat Alumni 2016, Performer at Lair Musik
Jay Afrisando, Composer & Sonic Artist, Onebeat Alumni 2015, Director of Festival Musik dalam Layar



Saturday, 03 October 2020
18:30 - 20:30
@america, Pacific Place Mall 3rd Floor
Jakarta Selatan

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