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Young Thinkers' Trophy 6.0
Young Thinkers' Trophy 6.0
Young Thinkers' Trophy 6.0
Saturday, 25 September 2021

Dear brave and brilliant high-schoolers . . .

Take part in this year's Young Thinkers' Trophy, the virtual debating championship which showcases your take on today's issues and your public speaking chops. Make friends along the way as you vie for the coveted title of 2021's sharpest Young Thinkers. Only the bold and inspired need apply.

We currently have 40 teams registered. However, as sometimes teams may have to drop out at the last minute, we are still accepting registrants to be placed on a reserve list.  So please click here to secure a spot if any of the original 40 teams becomes unable to participate. 

Terms and Condition:

  1. Pre-registration is required in order to participate in the @america Young Thinkers' Trophy. Please access this link to register your team.
  2. Each debate team must comprise 3 (three) high school (SMA/ SMK) students in the same country. Participants must be able to bring proof that they are a high school student (student ID).
  3. Composite teams are allowed as long as all three students are from high schools that are in the same country.
  4. Team names will be assigned by the organizing committee if participants are not using their school names.
  5. The main contact person for a team will register the team and provide their contact number and e-mail for registration purposes. The main contact person should be readily contactable for tournament-related communication throughout the registration period.  They may or may not be part of the debating contingent.
  6. All participants must agree to a technical check prior to the tournament to make sure that they can accommodate the platform used for the competition. 
  7. All rounds will be recorded and Semi Final & Grand Final will be live streamed
  8. @america team has the rights to stock videos and images taken during the competition
  9. The registration fee per team is IDR 0! This tournament is free of charge! 
  10. Grand Prize: Microsoft Surface and @america Young Thinkers' Trophy.
  11. All participants MUST attend the Young Thinkers’ Trophy 2021 Debate Seminar that will be held on 24 September 2021 to participate in the competition. The seminar will be held online through zoom. 

If you need more information, please contact here.