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Sustainable Fashion: The New Normal Edition
Sustainable Fashion: The New Normal Edition
YSEALI and Alumni
Sustainable Fashion: The New Normal Edition

Behind the glam and glitz of the fashion industry, there are emerging more sustainable and ethical fashion brand movements trying to transform the industry for a better and more responsible future. Join us for a live discussion with fashion sustainability experts about starting a sustainable fashion industry in Indonesia.

1. Margot Gillet, Founder of secondwave, ex-assistant stylist at French Vogue
2. Josephine Wangge, Co-founder of Purpose Indonesia
3. Intan Anggita, Co-founder of Setali Indonesia & Sight from the Earth
4. Ghea Dmoeis, Co-founder of AAKAR

Moderated by Alliya Bianca Rizano, Co-founder PUTU Indonesia



Wednesday, 07 October 2020
14:00 - 15:30
@america, Pacific Place Mall 3rd Floor
Jakarta Selatan

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